Monday, 27 February 2017

LIFE HACK: 7 Creative Uses of LEGO

Whatever your age, you never really tire of LEGO. Kids love it and adults never really grow out of it and the hobby of LEGO building and collecting is a fantastic blend of fun and artistry.

Due to the nature of the famous brick, you can pretty much create anything your heart desires, from detailed movie scenes and mega structures, to recreating some of the world's finest art.

The only drawback with having a LEGO idea is the fact that you don't have an endless supply of LEGO bricks, but you can still pick them up relatively cheaply at markets and car boot sales if you're desperate!

But if you do have a stack of LEGO bricks, whether they're your own from childhood, or some that your own child has now 'grown out' of, here we have collated some ideas to help you create practical everyday things, also known these days as 'life hacks'.


1. Cable Holder
A simple one to make and one you'd wish you'd done years ago. LEGO minifigures' hands are just the right size to hold cables, such as an iPhone charger. Create this in the desired place in your house or on your desk, and say goodbye to tangled wires! (Image: Lifehacker)

LEGO Minifigures as Cable Holders

2. Accessories
This isn't for everyone, granted, but for the hipsters out there, LEGO earrings, necklaces, rings and cufflinks will make fabulous talking points on your next night out. (Image: Whimsy Love)

LEGO rings make cool accessories


3. LEGO Clock
We usually only look at the clock to tell the time but if you spend a little time creating this easy DIY clock, you can constantly change it and make a lovely piece of art for the home. It can also help to teach young children about telling the time! (Image: Our Nerd Home)

Have fun making and rebuilding a LEGO Clock

4. Desk Organiser
This is a project that means you can have some creative license depending on what you want it to hold. Desk organisers from stationary shops are pretty dull and uninspiring but with this, it can be what you want it to be, and it can also be useful!

Make a LEGO Desk Organiser


5. Smartphone Docking Station
Another one that allows you to be creative. A docking station can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Allow space for the wire to come into the bottom to charge the phone, but also allow space for wheels and minifigures because, well, why not? (Image: Technabob)

LEGO docking station for your smartphone

6. Keychain
Create a keychain by threading it through a LEGO piece that has holes. You can pick them up from eBay if you don't have one, or just simply drill a hole into a LEGO brick. Pair it up with a LEGO board, fixed to the wall and you can hang your keys up when you get home. (Image: Minieco)

LEGO keychain

7. Gift Boxes
Imagine receiving a gift in a custom LEGO box? Two gifts in one! And if you're on receiving end, you can re-use it for something else and you don't have to add more rubbish in landfill. Perfect. (Image: PopClip)

LEGO gift boxes would be fun to make and great to recieve


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