Wednesday, 15 February 2017

VIDEO: The 145,000-Piece LEGO Jurassic Park Roller Coaster

We've watched Jurassic Park, we wanted it to become a reality, but 27 years have passed since Michael Crichton wrote the story and we're still waiting.

In the meantime, we can thank LEGO master James Burrows, who has used 125,000 bricks to create an entire Jurassic Park theme park you'll wish you could actually visit!

Covered in lush jungle foliage, all made from LEGO, the park contains a mini golf course, water raft ride and a spectacular working roller coaster, he has named CoasterSaurus II, in homage to the similar ride featured at Legoland, Florida.

So, here it is! Watch and be in awe as we go on a journey to LEGO Jurassic Park:

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