Tuesday, 7 March 2017

How to Make a LEGO USB Drive

Most of us carry around a USB drive but the ones we buy from electrical shops aren't particularly interesting to look at. The practical people will say: "So what? It's a thumb drive!" And yes, whilst you have a point, it's also nice to have nice looking things. So, if you have a few minutes of downtime or if you're at a loose end and want to give yourself a little project, here's how you can turn something functional into something fun!

What you need:
- Thumb drive
- LEGO bricks
- Super glue
- Razor blade
- Dremel / Drill

Step 1 - Take Apart Your USB Thumb Drive
Using a razor, take apart the thumb drive by cutting it open and taking the drive part out - please be careful not to break it. Then size it up next to a LEGO brick to determine what size you will need.

Step 1 - Take Apart your USB Thumb Drive

Step 2 - Modify Your Chosen LEGO Brick
Take out your drill or dremel and drill out all the insides of the LEGO brick, leaving what looks like a 'trough', which you drive fits inside.

Step 2 - Modify your chosen LEGO brick

Step 3 - Sanding Down
After the insides have all been excavated, you'll need to sand it down to the size of two flat LEGO bricks (see picture below). Stack to flat LEGO bricks on top of each other and trace a line onto the chosen USB brick so you have a guide. You can add a sander attachment to a dremel or drill to speed this up. You can can also use a file and do it by hand but beware it can take around an hour!

Step 3 - Sand it down to the size of 2 flat LEGO bricks

Step 4 - Making the Drive Fit into the Brick
Sometimes your drive won't fit into the LEGO brick so you'll have to widen the side. You can simply take the drill to the sides to make it a little wider, then cut out a slot for the USB connector to stick out.

Step 4 - Make the USB Drive Fit into the Brick

Step 5 - The Bottom
To finish the drive, take a flat brick and shave off all but two of the dots. Then simply add some super glue and fix the two LEGO bricks together. You're done!

Step 5 - Adding the bottom to the USB Drive

Step 6 - Finished
Here's the finished product. And if you make more than one, you'll be able to fix them together so you don't lose them - fun and functional!

Step 6 - Your finished LEGO USB Drive

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