Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Man cremated in giant LEGO coffin

A fun-loving man whose motto was 'go big or go home' has been cremated in a giant yellow LEGO brick coffin after tragically dying of cancer.

21 year old Jordan McCole of Tylesley in Greater Manchester, England was obsessed with LEGO and his mother, Jannine, believes that the tailor-made 7-foot coffin was a fitting farewell for her beloved son, and hopes it will give inspiration to other families in mourning.

"We made the decision that we wanted to inspire others going through the same terrible situation of losing a young person and facing the prospect of a traditional send-off," said Jannine.

"We didn't want to send him on his next journey in a brown box; we wanted the last image of him to reflect his life. If you knew Jordan you would understand why we did it. He was our ray of sunshine and would have wanted his send-off to make his friends and family smile. His motto in life was 'go big or go home' so we knew we had to go all out. Funerals can have laughter and creativity as well as love and grief. That is what we want people to take away from this."

Giant yellow LEGO coffin of Jordan McCole

Jordan worked as an ambassador for the Climbing Out charity and his dream was to become a Royal Navy aircraft engineer. Jordan also sailed with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and worked for the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team when in remission from cancer.

Jordan's mother and father, Jannine and Tony, are now raising money for the Young Oncology Unit at The Christie in Manchester, where he was treated in his fight against leukemia.

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